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Proactive Medical Protekt 500 Electric Sit-to-Stand Lift (500 lb. Capacity)

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The sturdy Protekt 500 lb. Sit-to-Stand patient lift distinguishes itself from its competitors with an impressive weight capacity, catering to patients who require robust support during transfers. Designed with convenience and safety in mind, its thoughtful features ensure seamless and secure patient handling. This Protekt 500 stand, also known as the Protekt 500 Electric Lift, is a top choice in the medical field for those in need of a reliable medical Protekt 500 electric lift solution.

With its sturdy 3” dual front casters, the lift guarantees smooth and secure transfers, minimizing the risk associated with such movements. The incorporation of a performance class actuator, complete with an emergency quick release function, underscores the commitment to both efficiency and safety.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Weight Capacity: Boasting a remarkable 500 lb. weight capacity, the Protekt lift stands out as a reliable choice for patients with varying needs.

  • Versatile Sling Hooks: The inclusion of six sling hooks not only widens the range of available sling options but also promotes safer patient handling. This diversity facilitates a broader spectrum of transfers, accommodating individual preferences and requirements.

  • Extended Battery Life: The lift operates on a 24-volt battery that outlasts competing brands, effectively reducing downtime. This is crucial for maintaining the flow of patient care without interruptions.

  • Hands-Free Foot Pedal: The ergonomically designed foot pedal allows for hands-free opening of the base, streamlining the process of preparing the lift for use.

  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Dual rear locking casters enhance stability during transfers, providing an additional layer of safety.

  • Efficient Sling Hookups: By eliminating the need for clips, the lift's sling hookups enhance safety measures and minimize potential downtime, making the process more efficient overall.

  • Modular Design and Breakdowns: Both the lift and electronics are constructed with a modular design, allowing for easy disassembly and troubleshooting. This feature simplifies maintenance and repairs, contributing to the longevity of the product.

  • Advanced Electronics: The inclusion of auxiliary up/down lift controls highlights the lift's advanced electronics, affording users greater control and precision in patient transfers.


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Slings and Accessories Information Guide

Weight Capacity 500 lbs.
Unit Weight 119 lbs.
Base Ext. Width - Closed 26.4”
Mast Height 41.7"
Base Length 41.3"
Front Caster Height 4.7"
Kneepad Depth Range 2.8"
Kneepad Height Range 20.2"-23.7"
Footplate Width 13.8"
Footplate Length 14.5"
Base Opened Turning Diameter 54.2"
Base Closed Turning Diameter 50.0"

Product Warranty Information

  • Electronics: 2 Years
  • Frame: 3 Years
  • Battery: 1 Year
  • Mobility Scooters
  • richard hall
  • Robert Dewey
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Customer Reviews

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Raj K
much needed help!

The lift and sling works wonders for me in helping my aunt. Thank you so much!

Dana S.
Easy to operate

The lift is easy to operate. It made caring for my dad easier.