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Journey Health UPbed Independence

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Includes the following FREE features and accessories:

  • Motion-activated underbed LED night light
  • USB charging ports
  • Deluxe padded side bedrails that act as armrests
  • Memory foam mattress included
  • Motorized frame

Introducing the Journey Health UPbed Independence, the ultimate solution for effortless bed mobility. With its innovative design, this bed enables you to get on and off without a second thought. The UPbed lifts and smoothly rotates 90° to the left or right, ensuring easy access and exit with gentle precision.

This 4-in-1 bed is a true multi-functional marvel. It seamlessly transforms into a sit-up bed, a chair bed, a lift bed, and, of course, a traditional sleep bed. No matter your needs, the Journey Health and Lifestyle UPbed Independence has got you covered in one comfortable package.

Journey Health UPbed Independence

Experience the blissful comfort of the 7-inch memory foam mattress. Designed to provide heat-sensitive support, it molds to your body, prevents sinking, and retains its original shape for decades. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to rejuvenating sleep.

Crafted with a sturdy metal aircraft-grade frame, the UPbed Independence ensures durability and stability. Equipped with two separate, independently controlled motors, it silently raises and lowers the bed, adapting to your preferred position effortlessly.

Journey Health UPbed Independence

Safety is a top priority, and the UPbed Independence doesn't disappoint. It features a motion-sensitive, under-bed safety light that illuminates your path during nighttime movements. Additionally, the user-friendly remote control allows for easy adjustments and ensures a hassle-free experience.

When it comes to convenience, the UPbed Independence shines. With packaged dimensions for the Twin size, the top frame measures 39" x 75" x 8", the bottom frame measures 39" x 75" x 11", and the mattress dimensions are 41" x 11" x 11". The bed itself measures 75" in length and 38" in width, providing ample space for your comfort.

Journey Health UPbed Independence 1

Experience the freedom and ease of the Journey Health UPbed Independence. It's time to reclaim independence and revolutionize your sleep experience.

Bed and Frame Dimensions

Size Packaged Dimensions (Frame) Packaged Dimensions (Mattress) Bed Dimensions Weight Capacity
Top Bottom Mattress Length Width Maximum Capacity
Twin 39" x 75" x 8" 39" x 75" x 11" 41" x 11" x 11" 75" 38" 500 lbs
Not Applicable
Twin XL 81.5" x 42.1" x 8.3" 81.5" x 42.1" x 11.8" 11.8" x 11.8" x 41.3" 80" 38" 500 lbs
Not Applicable

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Limitations and Exclusions

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In addition to the previously cited provisions and limitations, other warranty considerations for the line of Journey Health & Lifestyle® mobility products (Zinger, Zoomer, Zoomer Lite, Perfect Walker, So Lite Wheelchair, So Lite Scooter, So Lite Glide) include the following extensions and exclusions:

In addition to the previously cited provisions of the standard one-year warranty above, the frame, mechanical and electrical components including the motor of each mobility product in the Journey Health & Lifestyle® mobility line is further specifically warrantied for the same twelve-month period. In addition, warrantied instead for a six- (6) month period are the originally supplied battery, tires, fabric seat, seat back and seat cushion, all guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the original purchase date.

If, within such warranty period, any component or part shall be proven to the satisfaction of Journey Health & Lifestyle® to be defective, the product shall at the option of Journey Health & Lifestyle® be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished product components. In some cases an installation kit with instructions may be provided to the owner to facilitate installation of a replacement product component. Warranty relating to mobility products does not include any labor charges incurred in product component installation. The warranty period of the repaired or replaced product shall terminate with the termination of the warranty period for the original product. The sole obligation of Journey Health & Lifestyle®, and the customer’s exclusive remedy under this warranty, shall be limited to such repaired or replaced product.

In addition to the previously cited provisions and limitations of the standard one-year warranty above, additional warranty considerations for the UPbed Standard include one-year service with full coverage on parts, including labor, and two-to-three-year full coverage on parts (no labor), and four-to-ten-year coverage on bed frame and non-electric mechanisms. Coverage for the UPbed Independence includes two years on components and 10 years on the bed frame.

In addition to the previously cited provisions and limitations of the standard one-year warranty above, additional warranty considerations for the Journey Health & Lifestyle® lift chair line include a lifetime warranty on the lift mechanism and frame, and three-year warranty on the electronic components.

In addition to the previously cited provisions and limitations of the standard one-year warranty above, additional warranty considerations for the PSC include a lifetime limited warranty on the lift mechanism and frame, and three years on electronic components.

Is the UPbed Independence a good adjustable bed for seniors?

While everyone’s situation is different, the unique design of the UPbed Independence allows you to press one button to gently be raised to a nearly standing position. Imagine your bed doing most of the work for you, swinging out and up to help you stand and safely step from the bed independently. And the same easy process in reverse lowers you down to the position of your choice. If you can use a lift chair by yourself, then you likely can use an UPbed Independence.

Can the UPbed Independence really help me sleep better?

Yes! It starts with infinite adjustability of sleeping positions on a premium memory foam mattress with a breathable cover. Unlike other adjustable beds, the UPbed Independence also gently swivels either left or right and gently raises you up to a near standing position and lowers you gently back down at the touch of a button. Protecting your safety and independence brings about a peace of mind and relaxed feeling to help you mentally rest along with the many physical benefits.

Will the UPbed Independence let me get in and out of bed without needing a helper?

While everyone's situation is different, the UPbed Independence's unique design allows you to simply press one button and it gently raises you to a nearly standing position. Imagine your bed doing almost all the work of climbing out and standing up for you! The same process in reverse lets it lower you back down to the position of your choice. If you can use a lift chair by yourself, you likely can do the same with your UPbed Independence.

Is the UPbed Independence the same as a home hospital bed?

The UPbed Independence has the same functions as most hospital beds...and it does a whole lot more. The unique design focuses every bit as much on your sleep quality as it does on your safety. The premium, multi-layered memory foam mattress and breathable mattress cover give you even support regardless of what positions you choose. Separate motors for head and leg sections let you adjust the bed precisely to your liking. Better yet, it doesn't look like a hospital bed. The attractive design fits the decor of any home. Best of all, the UPbed Independence swivels either left or right and raises you up to nearly standing so you can maintain your freedom and independence to "get up and go" whenever you want.

Is the UPbed Independence comfortable?

The UPbed Independence comes with a multi-layer memory foam mattress to ensure a great night's sleep. It provides the right amount of support and molds to your body for smooth and even pressure distribution. With separate controls for adjusting head and leg positions, the optimal position for your needs is always as easy as simply pushing a button. You'll love how comfortable it is!

Can the UPbed Independence also be used as a recliner for reading or watching television?

Absolutely! The UPbed Independence has been designed as a multi-purpose device. It's like four products in one!

  1. It's an adjustable bed for a comfortable and relaxing night's sleep.
  2. It's a "Sit-Up Bed" for reading, watching TV, and resting.
  3. It's a "Chair Bed" for eating, crafting, and visiting with friends and family.
  4. It's a "Lift Bed" that swivels left or right, and raises and lowers you safely, much like a lift chair.

What type of mattress is needed for an adjustable bed?

Your new UPbed Independence ships with an ultra-comfortable, multi-layer memory foam mattress that's designed to flex with the UPbed Independence frame, so you're always supported and comfy. No need for that old mattress with your new UPbed Independence.

What is the weight capacity?

Top quality parts and engineering let the UPbed Independence handle a maximum user weight of 500 lbs.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael S
best purchase

it is challenging to setup but the bed works really well for me. thank you!


We were nervous purchasing this bed for my mom. But sure glad we did. She has a hard getting out of bed and this sure makes it a lot easier. The bed isn't as heavy as I thought it would be as we've been able to move it around just fine. We definitely recommend paying extra for the white glove delivery. The workers unpacked it and set it up for us. My mom said the bed and mattress is absolutely comfortable.

Lewis H

Amazing result, I'm so happy and will get more time in bed now. Appreciate it so much!