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Journey Health Luxe Elite Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter

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Introducing the Journey Luxe Elite Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter, the epitome of luxury and performance in the world of electric mobility scooters. Designed specifically for adults seeking an exceptional riding experience, this scooter combines style, comfort, and cutting-edge technology to redefine your daily commute or recreational adventures.

Electric Mobility Scooter Redefined

The Journey Luxe Elite is the ultimate choice for discerning individuals looking for an electric 4-wheel mobility scooter that surpasses expectations. Engineered with precision, this scooter effortlessly blends form and function, ensuring an exhilarating ride every time.

Journey Health Luxe Elite Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter

Unmatched Comfort and Luxury

Experience true comfort with the Journey Luxe Elite. Equipped with front and rear suspension, this scooter glides over any terrain, providing an ultra-smooth ride that makes every journey enjoyable. The fully adjustable captain's seat, with rear tilt and adjustable tilt-up armrest, allows you to find the perfect position for maximum comfort.

Journey Health Luxe Elite Recreational Electric Mobility Scooters

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

This scooter is not just a means of transportation; it's a vehicle for excitement and exploration. With a top speed of up to 13 mph, you can navigate through your day with unmatched agility and efficiency. The powerful 48 Volt, 20Ah battery ensures a range of up to 35 miles on a single charge, allowing you to conquer longer journeys without worry.

Journey Health Luxe Elite Recreational Mobility Scooter

Designed for Versatility

Featuring 16" pneumatic tires and a 4.5" ground clearance, the Journey Luxe Elite effortlessly conquers varied terrain, from neighborhood streets to community grounds and even amusement parks. Its sturdy, solid, heavyweight frame provides stability and durability, ensuring a safe and reliable ride every time.

Journey Health Luxe Elite  Electric Mobility Scooter

Safety at the Forefront

Your safety is our priority. The Journey Luxe Elite comes equipped with electromagnetic hand brakes, providing precise stopping power when you need it. The front steel bumper offers added protection, while dual rear-view mirrors enhance visibility and awareness. The full LED lighting package, including directional turn signals, brake lights, and an ultra-bright headlight with both rear and side LED running lights, ensures you remain visible day or night.

Journey Health Elite Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter

Intuitive Control and Convenience

The user-friendly LED console provides at-a-glance information, displaying your estimated speed, mileage, and battery level. With the three pre-set speed switch conveniently located on the right hand of the steering column, you can easily adjust your speed settings (4-8-13mph) based on your weight and battery charge level. The right-hand twist throttle acceleration allows for variable, fully controllable speed, ensuring a personalized riding experience.

The Best in Electric Mobility

As the market leader in electric mobility scooters, the Journey Luxe Elite delivers unrivaled performance, reliability, and style. Its exceptional design and advanced features make it the best electric mobility scooter for discerning individuals who refuse to compromise on quality and luxury.

Journey Health Luxe Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter

Experience the next level of freedom and adventure with the Journey Luxe Elite Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter. Join the revolution in personal transportation and elevate your mobility to new heights.


Color: Blue, Red

      Weight Capacity:

      400 lbs maximum capacity

      Overall Weight:

      260 lbs


      13mph maximum speed


      48V, 20 Ah

      Driving Range:

      Up to 35 miles per charge

      Overall Dimensions:

      Length: 63"
      Width: 28"
      Height: 42"

      Seat Dimensions:

      Height: 28"
      Width: 18"
      Length: 18"

      Rear Basket Dimensions:

      Height: 11"
      Length: 10"
      Width: 20"

      Floor Clearance:


      Tire Size:

      Front and rear 16"



      Rotation radius:


      Journey Health & Lifestyle® warrants all our products to be free from defects in materials, workmanship and assembly. A standard twelve (12) months warranty from the original purchase date applies to the core list of Journey products under normal use in accordance with specifications and warnings and with some limitations, exclusions, restraints or extensions including but not limited to parts, labor, service and other specific considerations. (Specific additional limitations and extensions of warranty, particularly as they relate to the Journey Health & Lifestyle® line of mobility products, can be found in the Addendum below.) If within the twelve-month warranty period, any component or part shall be proven to the satisfaction of Journey Health & Lifestyle® to be defective, the product shall, at the option of Journey Health & Lifestyle®, be repaired or replaced. Contact Journey Health & Lifestyle® before sending any product for warranty repair or replacement. Do not send any product without our prior written consent.

      Limitations and Exclusions

      This warranty does not cover damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, damage in shipment, improper operation or failure to follow instructions according to the User Manual, component failure, improper storage, neglect of prescribed maintenance procedures, repair or attempted repair or modifications made or authorized by anyone other than Journey Health & Lifestyle®, normal gradual reduction in battery performance due to heavy use, deterioration due to external factors such as extremes in temperature or humidity, corrosive atmosphere or other natural events such as lightning, flood or circumstances beyond the control of Journey Health & Lifestyle®.

      This warranty applies in North America only and is extended only to the original purchaser of the product when purchased directly from Journey Health & Lifestyle® (USA) and is nontransferable. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights which vary from place to place.

      The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other express warranties or implied warranties, if any, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and shall not extend beyond the duration of the express warranty provided herein. Journey Health & Lifestyle® shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages whatsoever and disclaims any liability beyond the initial purchase price of the product.


      In addition to the previously cited provisions and limitations, other warranty considerations for the line of Journey Health & Lifestyle® mobility products (Zinger, Zoomer, Zoomer Lite, Perfect Walker, So Lite Wheelchair, So Lite Scooter, So Lite Glide) include the following extensions and exclusions:

      In addition to the previously cited provisions of the standard one-year warranty above, the frame, mechanical and electrical components including the motor of each mobility product in the Journey Health & Lifestyle® mobility line is further specifically warrantied for the same twelve-month period. In addition, warrantied instead for a six- (6) month period are the originally supplied battery, tires, fabric seat, seat back and seat cushion, all guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the original purchase date.

      If, within such warranty period, any component or part shall be proven to the satisfaction of Journey Health & Lifestyle® to be defective, the product shall at the option of Journey Health & Lifestyle® be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished product components. In some cases an installation kit with instructions may be provided to the owner to facilitate installation of a replacement product component. Warranty relating to mobility products does not include any labor charges incurred in product component installation. The warranty period of the repaired or replaced product shall terminate with the termination of the warranty period for the original product. The sole obligation of Journey Health & Lifestyle®, and the customer’s exclusive remedy under this warranty, shall be limited to such repaired or replaced product.

      In addition to the previously cited provisions and limitations of the standard one-year warranty above, additional warranty considerations for the UPbed Standard include one-year service with full coverage on parts, including labor, and two-to-three-year full coverage on parts (no labor), and four-to-ten-year coverage on bed frame and non-electric mechanisms. Coverage for the UPbed Independence includes two years on components and 10 years on the bed frame.

      In addition to the previously cited provisions and limitations of the standard one-year warranty above, additional warranty considerations for the Journey Health & Lifestyle® lift chair line include a lifetime warranty on the lift mechanism and frame, and three-year warranty on the electronic components.

      In addition to the previously cited provisions and limitations of the standard one-year warranty above, additional warranty considerations for the PSC include a lifetime limited warranty on the lift mechanism and frame, and three years on electronic components.

      Does the Luxe come completely assembled?

      The Luxe comes fully assembled and ready to ride.

      Does the Luxe's seat swivel?

      Yes, the Luxe's seat does swivel.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Journey Luxe : Off paved scooter.

      I saw an advertisement in the VFW magazine, went on line to find dealers. Finding "My Perfect Scooter" and working through them, whom I found to be very good, honest,and reliable, I purchased this scooter. My Luxe Scooter was purchased to replace off road scooter with NO suspension. Upon receiving Luxe Scooter, I was impressed with looks and overall design. Controls are easy to use, however the parking break is not designed for riders with arthritis of the hand and fingers. Independent suspension is awesome on off paved riding. There is NO suspension on the seat. Basket on the back of seat will accommodate my small and medium oxygen bottles. If scooter holds up in off paved riding, it will have been a great purchase, even though a little pricey. Overall rating: A +.

      Harold Schmidt
      Details matter

      I found the " My perfect scooter " site while searching for a scooter for disabled wife.
      I had very specific needs that needed to be addressed. I reached out to their online chat feature and was very satisfied with the timeliness and detailed responses that I received from Phillip and Jay. I looked at competitive sites and concluded that, My perfect scooter is price competitive and offers a wide variety of brands and models that allowed me to find the best possible fit for the needs that needed to be addressed.
      The entire buying process went well and ended with the arrival of the Journey- Elite.
      I highly recommend working with this company.