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Introducing the FreeRiderUSA FR Scooter Lift, the ultimate solution to your mobility challenges! Whether you're looking for a reliable scooter lift for SUV, an efficient electric scooter lift, or a versatile wheelchair lift for SUV and a mobility scooter lift for SUV, this cutting-edge product has you covered. With its easy installation and no-drill design, you can trust this scooter lift to securely mount to your vehicle's hitch, providing a hassle-free loading experience.

Engineered with precision and unmatched quality, the FreeRiderUSA FR Scooter Lift boasts sturdy construction, ensuring the safe transportation of your mobility device. With a commendable 100 lb lift capacity, this lift can accommodate many scooter models, providing the flexibility you need for your active lifestyle.

There is no need to worry about complicated wiring or bulky T-bars, as this electric scooter lift operates smoothly with a simple strap system and offers both powerlifting and manual rotation. Embrace newfound independence as you effortlessly load and unload your scooter, knowing you have a reliable companion in the FreeRiderUSA FR Scooter Lift.

Get ready to hit the road quickly and conveniently, experiencing the freedom to explore and travel wherever your heart desires. Embrace a life of mobility and independence with the unparalleled performance of the FreeRiderUSA FR Scooter Lift - your key to a liberated and active lifestyle.

        Lifting Capacity and Specifications

        Parameter Value
        Lifting Capacity 100 lb
        Operation Powerlifting and manual rotation
        Boom Weight 18 lb (heaviest part)
        Post Weight 3.3 lbs
        Post Length 49"
        Highest Length (arm to mounting arm) 63"
        Number of Pieces to (Dis)assemble 3
        Reach/Arm Length 23" - 34"
        Hitch Adaptor Class 3 (2" * 2")
        Warranty 3-Year

        Warranty: 3 Years

        • Mobility Scooters
        • richard hall
        • Robert Dewey
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        I find that my scooter;'s tire widthis such that when loading or offloading the tires hang over the side of the lifts base.