EVAC+CHAIR ULTI-MAT Compact Evacuation Sled

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Introducing the EVAC+CHAIR ULTI-MAT Compact Evacuation Sled, your reliable and space-saving solution for safe and efficient patient evacuation. This compact marvel is designed to be small and highly durable, ensuring that you can depend on it when every second counts. The EVAC chair ulti mat offers unparalleled reliability in emergencies, making it an essential part of your safety equipment. Whether you need an EVAC compact evacuation sled or an EVAC evacuation sled, the EVAC+CHAIR ULTI-MAT stands out for its compactness and durability, ensuring rapid and safe evacuations.

EVAC+CHAIR ULTI-MAT Compact Evacuation Sled


The ULTI-MAT is constructed from tough, long-lasting fabric with a foam pad for added comfort. It comes in both standard and bariatric sizes to accommodate various patient needs.

Innovative Design: This sleek sled consists of a single, robust webbing strap that spans the full length of the unit, encapsulating head and foot end pulling straps, along with two body straps for tall and short patients, and a leg strap. This comprehensive design ensures patient security and comfort.

Secure Winged Body Protection: The ULTI-MAT envelops the patient with winged sides, providing a cocoon-like security that completely encloses the legs and arms. It even offers the option of keeping the arms free when necessary, ensuring passenger stabilization during evacuation.

Heavy-Duty Strap Clips: Safety is paramount. The sled is equipped with heavy-duty strap clips, enhancing passenger safety during transit.

Self-Contained Foot Pocket: For both passenger comfort and safety, the ULTI-MAT features a self-contained foot pocket that doubles as a compact carry bag, making storage and transport a breeze.

Adjustable Straps: The adjustable straps allow the ULTI-MAT to snugly fit passengers of all sizes, ensuring a secure and comfortable evacuation experience.

Padded Mini Mattress: Situated under the patient's body, the padded mini mattress adds an extra layer of comfort during transportation.

Evac Compact Evacuation Sled


  • Simple and Quick Deployment: The ULTI-MAT is incredibly easy to deploy. It can be swiftly rolled out for vertical and horizontal evacuations, saving valuable time.

  • No Heavy Lifting: This sled employs the roll and drag method, eliminating the need for lifting, and enabling staff to transport patients who weigh 2 to 3 times their own weight.

  • Webbing Design for Stabilization: The webbing design provides exceptional patient stabilization, ensuring safety during evacuation.

  • Versatile Compatibility: The sled can be used with a backboard or basket stretcher, making it adaptable to various patient transport scenarios.

  • Compact and Convenient: Each sled rolls up compactly into its self-contained carry bag, ready for efficient storage and transport.

Evac Evacuation Sled

Choose the EVAC+CHAIR ULTI-MAT Compact Evacuation Sled for a compact, efficient, and safe solution that meets the highest standards of patient care during evacuations. Your peace of mind is our priority.


Size: SWL - Safe Working Load
Standard ULTI-MAT
- Tested to 1500lbs (680kgs) Typical SWL 660lbs (300kgs)

Specification Packed Unpacked
Height 8.6 inches
Width 21.2 inches 47.3 inches
Depth 9.4 inches 1 inch
Weight 9lb
Load Bearing - Standard Ulti-Mat
Tested to 1500lbs
Typical SWL 660lbs

EVAC+CHAIR Warranty Information

  • EVAC+CHAIR makes no other warranty or representation expressed or implied except for the terms herein.
  • EVAC+CHAIR™ offers the original purchaser a lifetime product warranty, ensuring it is free from manufacturing defects affecting the reasonable operation of an EVAC+CHAIR™.
  • This warranty constitutes EVAC+CHAIR™’s entire warranty offered in respect to its evacuation chair models purchased in 2015 or later and covers no other products sold.
  • Warranty claims exclude expendable parts which are covered for a period of two (2) years. Expendable parts are those parts which are routinely replaced during inspection, repair, or maintenance, as detailed in the EVAC+CHAIR™ maintenance guidelines.
  • An expendable parts list can be found at:
  • EVAC+CHAIR™ reserves the right for the original purchaser to return parts or products at their cost in order for a warranty claim evaluation. Any claims processed that are found not to be a manufacturing defect, EVAC+CHAIR™ is entitled to charge the customer in full for the repair/maintenance of the product.
  • Damage caused by vandalism or any unauthorized repair/alteration by the user or any unauthorized service provider are expressly excluded and will void this warranty.
  • There is no warranty of merchantability and there are no warranties of fitness for any particular purpose.
  • In no event shall EVAC+CHAIR™ be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from or in any manner related to sales or use of any such equipment.
  • This warranty is expressly limited to supplying replacement parts at the sole discretion of EVAC+CHAIR™ which are found to be defective.
  • No employee or representative of EVAC+CHAIR™ is authorized to change this warranty in any way.
  • All warranty claims must be made by the original purchaser in writing to EVAC+CHAIR™ within 7 days following the discovery of a basis for a warranty claim.
  • Tested to 1500lbs
  • 2 person operation
  • Can be moved easily over virtually any surface
  • Narrow width and flexibility
  • Self contained storage bag
  • Can be used down stairs
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