ComfyGO Phoenix Carbon Fiber Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

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Introducing the Phoenix Carbon Fiber Ultra Power Wheelchair, a true game-changer for adventurous adults. This foldable electric wonder, known as the Phoenix Carbon Fiber Lightweight Electric Wheelchair, is not your average set of wheels. Clocking in at a mere 26 lbs. for the main frame, the power wheelchair boasts top-tier carbon fiber construction, making it an ideal travel companion for discerning users. Its lightweight design is a hallmark of the ComfyGo Power Wheelchairs lineup, emphasizing portability without compromising on strength or durability. Whether for daily use or travel, this carbon fiber lightweight electric wheelchair sets a new standard in mobility solutions.

ComfyGo Power Wheelchairs

But wait, there's more! With two 250W brushless motors under the hood, this powerhouse of a wheelchair delivers a ride that's smooth as silk, tackling diverse terrains with ease. The integrated joystick controller, offering a full 360° range and an LCD display, ensures precision control - no fuss, no hassle.

ComfyGo Power Wheelchairs

Now, let's talk power. The Phoenix comes with dual 24V*6.6AH lithium-ion batteries, perfect for extended journeys. You'll never be left in the lurch with these trusty companions. And here's the kicker: they're easily removable for travel or charging, making this one of the top power wheelchairs for adults on the market.

ComfyGo Power Wheelchair

But the magic doesn't stop there. The Phoenix is also airline and cruise approved, so you can navigate security checks and charging stops with ease. With a driving range of up to 15.5 miles, you'll have the freedom to roam far and wide.

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It's time to upgrade your mobility game with the Phoenix Carbon Fiber Ultra Power Wheelchair. Get ready for a journey that's both seamless and dependable, and redefine the way you explore the world! 🚀


Style: Standard Textiles (No Remote Control Included), Upgraded Textiles (Remote Control Included)

  • The ComfyGO Phoenix Carbon Fiber Lightweight Electric Wheelchair comes with an optional remote controller. The remote control allows you to maneuver the chair, adjust the speed, honk the horn, and recline the chair (if applicable). The remote control works at distances up 30 feet.
  • The ComfyGO Phoenix Carbon Fiber Lightweight Electric Wheelchair is designed for maximum comfort. For additional comfort and easy maintenance, you can also choose to add a upgraded cushion and backrest, which are easy to clean.
      Load Capacity 240 lbs
      Net Weight 35 lbs
      Max Speed 4 mph
      Battery 2 * 24V 6.6 Ah Li-ion
      Max Range Up to 15.5 miles
      Max Slope 6 degrees
      Motor 2 * 250 watts brushless motor
      Height 34”
      Length 35”
      Width 22.5”
      Folded Height 27”
      Folded Length 33”
      Folded Width 8.5”
      Airline Approved Yes
      Cruise Approved Yes
      Charging Time 6-8 hours
      Charger Standard 24V 2A charger
      Seating Area Width 18.5”
      Cushion Width 17”
      Cushion Depth 16”
      Frame Weight 26 lbs.
      Cushion & Backrest Weight 3 lbs.
      Battery Weight 3 lbs. Each
      What is in the box? The Phoenix wheelchair comes with two lithium-ion batteries, joystick (controller), optional remote controller, battery charger, anti-tip wheels, and the user manual.

      The phoenix comes with a standard 1-year frame, 1-year motor, 1-year battery, and 1-year electronic parts warranty.

      An optional ComfyGO Care warranty can be purchased to provide up to 2 years of coverage for batteries and electronics. An optional ComfyGO Care+ warranty can be purchased to provide up to 3 years of coverage for batteries and electronics. ComfyGO Care and ComfyGO Care+ can be purchased within 90 days of your delivery date.

      1. Can I turn my wheelchair on or turn off with the remote control?

      No. The wheelchair’s power must be turned on before the remote control is turned on. This allows the controller to pair with the chair.

      2. Does my wheelchair arrive fully assembled?

      Your wheelchair will arrive almost fully assembled. When your wheelchair arrives, you'll need to attach the remaining parts.

      3. Can my wheelchair go on an airplane or cruise?

      Yes. The 6.6AH (158.4WH) lithium-ion battery is travel approved by most major airlines and cruise lines. Before travelling by airline or cruise, please contact the airline or cruise line to confirm their travel battery regulations.

      4. I’ve run out of battery. Can I push my chair?

      Yes. The wheelchair can operate like a manual wheelchair. To do so, make sure the power is off, then disengage both motors by pulling the levers on each motor to the unlocked position. Doing this will set your wheelchair to free wheel mode.

      5. Does my remote control come paired with my chair?

      Yes. The remote control comes paired with your chair. If your remote loses its pairing, please click here to watch a video tutorial on how to pair your remote. If you are still having difficulties pairing your remote, please contact us at 1 (844) 755-5055,, or use the LET’S CHAT! feature on our website,

      6. Can I silence the beeping sound my wheelchair makes while reversing?

      Yes. To remove the beeping noise, press the (+) key on the controller until you reach the top speed then hold the button down until you see the amber light in the middle of the display. Quickly press the horn button and the beeping will stop. Repeat these steps if you want the beeping sound back.

      7. Does the armrest raise?

      Yes. Both armrests can raise to allow an easier exchange or to make it easier to push your chair closer to a table.

      8. How do I charge the battery?

      The lithium-ion battery can be charged through the joystick controller or directly on the battery. The charge time for an empty battery is 6-8 hours. If your battery has a partial charge, the charge time will be less. When the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger from the battery and unplug it from the power outlet.

      9. Can I install my controller on either side of the wheelchair?

      Yes. The controller will be set up on the right side of the wheelchair, but it can be easily moved to the left side.

      10. Does my wheelchair come with a warranty?

      Yes, The Phoenix wheelchair comes with a standard 1-year frame, 1-year motor, 1-year battery, and 1-year electronic parts warranty.

      11. Can I use my wheelchair on dirt and grass?

      Yes. The Phoenix can traverse low grass and compacted dirt with ease.

      12. Where can I find the serial number of my wheelchair?

      The serial number can be found in three places: on the frame near the footrest, in the product manual, and on the box the wheelchair was shipped in.

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