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AFIKIM Afiscooter C4 Mid-Size Multi-Purpose Mobility Scooter

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Introducing the Afiscooter C4 – your ultimate companion for mobility freedom. This 4-wheel mid-size mobility scooter isn't just another ride; it's your ticket to safe, comfortable, and versatile movement. No more fussing around with complicated controls or cramped seating – the Afiscooter C4 has your back.

Feel the difference with its well-tuned shock absorbers that turn bumps into mere whispers. And that orthopedic rotatable seat? It's not just plush – it's a throne of comfort. With the LED headlight casting a wide field of view, you'll navigate with confidence, even when the sun takes a break.

Get ready to take the reins of the road with an ergonomic tiller that fits like a glove. Left and right-hand controls ensure you're always in charge, and the easy-to-read display keeps you in the loop. Plus, cup holders for your beverages and ample storage space – including a lockable front compartment and an optional rear lock box – make every trip a breeze.

But the Afiscooter C4 isn't just for outdoor adventures; it's your go-to for indoor exploration too. With mid-size dimensions, pneumatic tires, a robust motor, and high ground clearance, you're equipped for any terrain. And let's talk range – you've got the power to roam up to 45km (28 miles) on a single charge.

Safety? Check. Comfort? Double-check. Performance? Triple-check. This ride doesn't hold back. It's got the muscle to carry batteries up to 85Ah, making sure you're always charged up for the journey.

Speaking of dimensions, the Afiscooter C4 strikes the perfect balance, with an overall length of 137cm (54") and a turning radius of 170cm (67"). And those pneumatic tires? They're designed to roll smoothly, taking you where you need to go at a maximum speed of 10-15Kph (6.2-9.3mph).

Whether you're cruising through narrow hallways or exploring the great outdoors, the Afiscooter C4 adapts, conquers, and stands out with its sleek design. Weighing in at 95kg (209lb) without batteries, it's a heavyweight in performance but not in bulk. With a weight capacity of 150kg (330lb), you're in good hands.

Experience a new level of freedom with the Afiscooter C4 – where luxury meets functionality, and simplicity meets power. It's not just a mobility scooter; it's your gateway to a life on the move, on your terms.


Color: Blue, Red, Grey, Silver
Battery: Standard - 48 Ah, Extended - 70 Ah

  • Bigger Battery capacity means more miles of travel in a single charge, Standard and Extended Battery capacity is available.

Addon: Hard Top Canopy: Optional


Addon: Shabbat Mode Kit V.1.9: Optional

  • People with restricted mobility are comfortable on weekdays by virtue of such equipment as an electric wheelchair, or with an electric scooter. But on Shabbat the situation is different, people lose their ability to move around. Are they destined to “remain in one place” on Shabbat, without any way to go to a synagogue or meet friends and relatives?

    Not only does the halacha take the needs into consideration, it in fact obligates us to enjoy the Shabbat.

Other Accessories: Optional

Large Rear Basket


Rear Lock Box


Safety Belt


safety belt

Cane Holder

cane holder
Overall Length 54 inches
Overall Width - Standard Wheels 26 inches
Overall Width - Folded 31 inches
Overall Height - No Canopy 50 inches
Overall Height - with Canopy 65 inches
Ground Clearance 4 inches
Weight - No Batteries 209 pounds
Weight - (+) Canopy +26 pounds
Weight Capacity Including Driver 330 pounds
Travel Range 25-28 miles
Maximum Speed 6.2-9.3 mph
Max Climbing Angle 16%
Turning Radius 67 inches
Seating Width 18 inches
Tire Type Pneumatic (1.7bar)
Tire Size - Front 4.10/3.50-6 inches
Tire Size - Rear 4.10/3.50-6 inches
Battery Type x2 12V 85Ah, Max.
Rear Wheel Drive Power Unit 24V DC motor | 950W
Controller Type SD 120A
Charger Type 8Amp

Afikim Scooter FAQs

What are the weight capacities of Afikim Scooters?

  • S4 – 500 lbs., Dual Seat – 600 lbs.
  • S3 – 500 lbs.
  • C4 – 400 lbs.
  • C3 – 350 lbs.
  • SE – 550 lbs.

What is the travel range of the Afikim Scooters?

  • S4 – Up to 37 miles
  • S3 – Up to 37 miles
  • C3 – Up to 31 miles
  • C4 – Up to 31 miles
  • SE – Up to 28 miles

What seat size options are available for the Afikim Scooters?

  • S4 – 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” and the 33” dual seat
  • S3 – 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” and the 33” dual seat
  • C4 – 18”, 20” and 22”
  • C3 – 18” and 20”
  • SE – 18” and 33” dual seat

What is the maximum speed of the Afikim Scooter?

All the Afikim Scooters have a maximum speed of 9.3 MPH, however with the upgrade option of the 18KPH motor the maximum speed is 12 MPH. This option is only available on the S model scooters.

Can canopies be added to any of the Afikim Scooters?

Canopies can be added to C4, S3 and S4 scooters. Dual canopies can be added to S3 and S4 if a dual seat has been added.

What type of tires are used on the Afikim Scooters?

All of the Afikim Scooters use pneumatic tires. Afikim chose this type of tire to add to the comfort of the ride. Much smoother ride with pneumatic tires.


  • C Model: 3.5” wide by 12” high tire on both front and rear
  • S3 Model: Front - 3” wide by 16” high, Rear - 3.5” wide by 17” high
  • S4 Model: Front - 3.5” wide by 12” diameter, Rear - 3.5” wide by 17” diameter
  • SE Model: Front - 2.75” wide by 15” high, Rear - 2.75” wide by 20” high

What types of motors are used on the Afikim Scooters?

Afikim uses a 950 watt motor on the C Model Scooter and a 1400 watt motor for the S and SE Model Scooters.

What are some other options that are available for Afikim Scooters?

Options include:

  • Shabbat Kits can be installed on both C and S Models.
  • Throttle orientation can be changed from right to left for left-handed users.
  • Foot pedal addition available on the S Model for both throttle and foot pedal operation.

What type of suspension is built into the Afikim Scooter?

Both the C and S Models have independent suspension with shocks on all tires. The SE Model has heavy-duty suspension on the front tire only.

What type of lights are installed on the Afikim Scooters?

Afikim uses powerful long-lasting LED lights on all of its scooters.

What are some accessories that can be added to the Afikim Scooters?

Accessories available for addition:

  • Seat Belts
  • Cane/Crutch Holder
  • Golf Bag Holder
  • Rain Side (can be added if a canopy has already been installed)

Are there any storage compartments available on Afikim Scooters?

Storage options for C and S Models:

  • Wire basket
  • Rear lockbox
  • Tote Container (S Model only)
  • Front locking compartment

SE Model storage options:

  • Rear basket
  • SE dual - Rear cargo box

Warranty Information for the Afiscooter C 3-Wheel


For the Lifetime of the Product from the date of delivery, Afikim Electric Vehicles will replace free of charge, any of the following Metal parts:

  • Main Frame
  • Seat Post
  • Tiller Metal Parts


For two (2) years from the date of delivery, Afikim Electric Vehicles will replace free of charge, any of the following parts:

  • Power Unit (Motor, Transaxle & EMB)
  • Controller
  • Charger
  • Harnesses
  • Electronic sub-assemblies: Boards, Sensors, switches, Potentiometer, Fuses, Gas piston, Brakes


For one (1) year from the date of delivery, Afikim Electric Vehicles will replace free of charge, any of the following parts:

  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Shock absorbers
  • Seat


This warranty does not extend to items which may require replacement due to normal wear and tear such as:

  • Plastic shrouds
  • Motor brushes
  • Brake Pads
  • Tires and tubes
  • Bulbs & Lights
  • Upholstery
  • Rust, noises, and/or Circumstances beyond the control of Manufacturer
  • Mobility Scooters
  • richard hall
  • Robert Dewey
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