Buyer's Guide

Do you need help identifying the Perfect Scooter for you? Take a peak at our Buyer’s Guide!

1. Use & Purpose: The most important thing to consider when purchasing a mobility scooter is the purpose it is being used for. Are you commuting regularly for long distances? Then a four-wheel, high-wattage, or heavy duty might be best for you. Are you using it for short distances on flat surfaces? Then why not save some money with a more cost effective three-wheel scooter!

2. Speed & Range: Once you determine the purpose you need your scooter for, it is time to consider how fast or how far you’d like to go. Typically, the slower and the lesser range, the more cost-effective. If you are going longer distances and want to get there faster, investing in speed and range is recommended.

3. Weight Capacity: It is always important to note the weight capacity for the scooter you’re purchasing. We recommend not to exceed that capacity on any product, as we want it to remain in great condition for the entire duration of its life - something that exceeding weight capacities will greatly impact.

4. Safety: The importance of safety for our customers cannot be overstated. If you are using your scooter at night, you should make sure your scooter has strong lighting. If you need accessories to increase the performance or convenience of your scooter, do not hesitate to check out our Accessories section. The more functional the scooter, the safer and less distracted you will be!

5. Comfort: Being comfortable is equally as important as the first few points. Please check out our specification for notes on seat construction, width, and if you find the Perfect Scooter and want to increase the comfort, you can check our Accessories for after-market options.

6. Portability: We offer a wide range of scooters, including portable scooters that fold or collapse, with removable batteries, for easy transport. If you are traveling regularly with your scooter, talk to one of our Scooter Specialists today about our Travel/Folding scooter options.

7. Price: Once you have checked all the above boxes, it is time to consider price point. There is no secret to the relationship between price and quality. The higher the price point, the better construction. With that said, we only offer high quality scooters, so even our most economical scooters are high-performing and come with excellent manufacturer warranties.

Consider all of these points when you are trying to find your Perfect Scooter and it will go a long way. Whether you have an emphasis on portability, comfort, performance, or safety, we have scooters that meets every description. While this guide may be helpful, you may have further questions. If that is the case, please reach out by phone  (800) 212-1327, email at, our live chat, or our Contact Form so our Scooter Specialists can lead you in the right direction!

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