Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Mid-Size Mobility Scooter

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Introducing the Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Mid-Size Mobility Scooter, the perfect companion for those seeking mobility scooter solutions that provide enhanced freedom and independence. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs., this four-wheel mobility scooter for adults offers exceptional stability and support, ensuring a comfortable ride for individuals of various sizes.

The Sunrunner 4 is equipped with a deluxe captain's seat that can be adjusted to your preferred position, allowing you to personalize your comfort while navigating with ease. The scooter's adjustable tiller further enhances user convenience, ensuring optimal comfort and control during operation.

Designed with safety in mind, this electric scooter mobility solution features a front headlight for enhanced visibility during evening use, making it suitable for both day and night excursions. For added convenience, an optional full lighting package is available, offering turn indicators and hazard lights to further increase visibility and safety on the road.

With a ground clearance of 3 inches, this mobility electric scooter effortlessly maneuvers various terrains, providing a smooth and reliable ride wherever you go. The Sunrunner 4's impressive range of up to 25 miles allows for extended travel without the need for frequent recharging, ensuring you can comfortably reach your destination.


Experience the freedom and convenience of the best mobility scooter with the Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Mid-Size Mobility Scooter. Take advantage of our mobility scooter sale and invest in this reliable and versatile mobility scooter electric solution today.


Color: Burgundy, Blue


Cane Holder

Cane Holder

Walker Holder

USB Device Charging Adapter

Metal Oxygen Holder

Mesh Oxygen Holder

        Weight Capacity 300 lbs
        Weight of Product 140 lbs
        Maximum Speed 5 mph
        Battery Size 12V 33Ah
        Travel Range 25 miles
        Battery Charger 3A Off Board
        Battery Weight 40 lbs (Pair)
        Curb Climbing 8*
        Grade Climbable 8*
        Motor Size 750W
        Overall Height 38"
        Overall Length 49"
        Overall Width 22"
        Seat Type 18"
        Turning Radius 50"
        Weight w/Batteries 180 lbs
        Wheels: Front 7"
        Wheels: Rear 8"

        Shoprider Mobility Products - Limited Warranties

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          This warranty does not cover any labor charges including but not limited to, charges incurred for installation of replacement parts, shipping and/or transportation charges to and from an authorized Shoprider provider, or additional fees (including expedited shipping), which may be charged to the provider.

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          If a certified refurbished part is not available, Shoprider may determine, at its own discretion, to have the part replaced with a new part. To present a claim under this limited warranty, the customer shall deliver the product to an authorized Shoprider provider together with proof of purchase; i.e., sales receipt. This warranty does not cover pick-up, delivery, or house calls.

        5. The warranty covers the drive train (including the transaxle, motor, and brake) in the following way:

          Scooters/Power Chairs Frame Electronics Motor/Trans Axle/Brake Batteries
          5-year warranty 12 Months 12 months 6 months
        6. This warranty is valid and enforceable only on products purchased in the United States and from an Authorized Shoprider provider.

        7. This warranty is applicable only to the customer as an original purchaser of the product from an Authorized Shoprider provider and shall not apply to any subsequent purchaser, assignee, or other recipient of the scooter or power chair from the customer.

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        9. This warranty shall be void if the Customer modifies the product in any respect including but not limited to the use of parts other than genuine Shoprider parts.

        10. This warranty does not apply unless the Registration Card is signed, completed and returned within thirty days (30) from the date of purchase.

          Manufacturer reserves the right to dispose of the Registration Card once it is received.

        11. Warranty exceptions:

          • Transaxle:

            In cases where there is an increase in the operational noise level, the warranty will not apply.

          • Motor:

            If damage occurs to the commutator of the motor as a result of not replacing motor brushes after heavy wear to brushes. Motor brushes are wear items but will be warranted for one year.

          • Brake:

            Brake pads are a wear item and will be warranted for one year.

          • Maintenance:

            Annual maintenance schedule must be followed.

        12. This warranty does not cover batteries or damage caused by battery leakage.

          Warranty is covered by the battery manufacturer. The battery charger is only covered for a period of one year from the date of purchase of the unit.

        13. This warranty does not cover controllers.

          Warranty is covered by the controller manufacturer. Manufacturer can void the warranty due to user negligence or liquid damage.

        14. This warranty does not cover plastic shrouding or covers, seat upholstery, arm pads or tires as these components are considered wear items.

        15. All transportation costs and shipping damage incurred while submitting parts for repair or replacement are the responsibility of the original purchaser.

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