Merits USA Travel-Ease P101 Folding Power Chair

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Merits USA Travel-Ease Lightweight Folding Power Chair


  • Extra charging port underneath the dashboard
  • Detachable battery pack allows you to charge on the go
  • Four wheels provide more stability
  • Designed to easily disassembly into five light components for transport and storage
  • Adjustable tiller angle for ergonomic driving position and easy transferring on and off the unit
  • 18″ width deluxe stadium seat

Introducing the Merits USA Travel-Ease Lightweight Folding Power Chair, a harmonious blend of discreet aesthetics and robust functionality. This power chair seamlessly combines the unassuming appearance of a manual wheelchair with the powerful capabilities of a traditional electric wheelchair. With a maximum speed of 4 mph and an impressive range of up to 18 miles on a full charge, the Travel-Ease ensures you can confidently venture the extra mile with peace of mind.

Crafted with durability in mind, the foam-filled tires offer worry-free roaming whether indoors or outdoors. Available in six different seat widths, ranging from 16" to 26", the Travel-Ease adapts to your individual needs, with weight capacity increasing proportionally to the chosen width. The adjustable back, ranging from 15" to 19", ensures a tailored and comfortable fit.

True to its name, the Travel-Ease Folding Power Chair is designed for effortless transport and storage. The foldable battery bracket allows for a compact fold when not in use, and the removable footrests facilitate easy accommodation in tight spaces. Charging is a breeze with the conveniently accessible charging location located just under the controller.

Boasting a tight turning radius of 24", the Travel-Ease excels in maneuverability, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The programmable controller adds a layer of customization, allowing you to fine-tune settings to meet the specific needs of the occupant. Choose the heavy-duty models for their generous seat widths and robust motors. With the Merits USA Travel-Ease, experience the freedom to explore with confidence and comfort.


Measuring Guide

Merits USA Travel-Ease P101 Folding Power Chair
Merits USA Travel-Ease P101 Folding Power Chair

Seat Depth
Measure from the most posterior point of the body to the inside of the knee, minus at least two inches. Some prefer more leg overhang to make room for their hand when lifting their leg.

Back Height
Measured from the seat base to the top of the chair back. Power wheelchair riders need upper back support, particularly for the moment of initial acceleration.

Hanger Angle
Determines how far the toes extend away from the body, measured from the horizontal. A tighter angle allows the electric power wheelchair to turn around in less space. Depends in part on ability of the knee to bend towards the perpendicular.

Seat Width
Determined by the widest point of the body from knee to hip, plus an inch to ensure room to move. Consider bulk of clothing, particularly a heavy winter coat, if relevant.

Front Seat to Floor
Measure the leg from the back of the knee to the sole of the foot. Then subtract the thickness of the cushion when it is compressed. Next, add a minimum of two inches for footrest clearance. Electric power wheelchairs are almost never foot-propelled by the user - so excluding the additional two inch footrest height for propelling is very rare.

16" Seat Width 18" Seat Width
Drive Range: 18.00 miles 18.00 miles
Top Speed: 4.00 mph 4.00 mph
Disassembles: No No
Heaviest Piece: 97 lbs. 97 lbs.
Turning Radius: 24.00" 23.00"
Ground Clearance: 4.80" 4.80"
Tire Type: Foam Filled Foam Filled
Maximum Incline Rating: 10 º 10 º
Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive Rear Wheel Drive
Foldable: Yes Yes
Armrest Options: Height Adjustable
Height Adjustable
Legrest Options: Upgradable Elevating Legrests
Upgradable Elevating Legrests
Power Chair Seat Width: 16" 18"
Seat Depths: 16" 16"
Seat Height: 18" to 20"
Seat to Floor Height: 20
Maximum Seat to Floor Height: 20.00" 20.00"
Overall Width: 26.00" 24.00"
Overall Length: 36.00" 43.00"
Joystick Options: Right Left
Battery Type: 12V U1 x 2pcs 12V U1 x 2pcs
Batteries Included: Yes Yes
Battery Charger Type: Off Board Off Board
Caster Size: 8" 8"
Base Weight: 150.00 lbs. 150.00 lbs.
Battery Pack Weight: 64.00 lbs. 64.00 lbs.
Weight Without Batteries: 86.00 lbs. 86.00 lbs.
Controller Type: Joystick Joystick
Seat Width Ranges: 17" or less 18" - 19"

Merits Corporation warrants to the original purchaser of this wheelchair product that it is free of defect in material and workmanship and that, when operated within the guidelines and restrictions of this manual, will remain so free of defect in material and workmanship for a period of 18 months from the original date of purchase.

Excluded from this warranty is failure due to negligence, abuse, accident, operation outside of rated limits, commercial or institutional use, damage / wear to upholstery or tires and improper maintenance or storage. The batteries for this wheelchair product are not supplied by Merits Corporation; contact the battery manufacturer/supplier if warranty replacement is requested.

This wheelchair product must not be modified in any way without the express written consent of Merits Corporation. Any such unauthorized modification could cause unreliable and / or unsafe operation and will void this warranty.

Where a failure occurs within the 18 months warranty period that is not excluded above, the failed components will be replaced with similar new or reconditioned components at Merits sole option. Merits Corporation will not be responsible for labor and / or shipping charges.

The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Merits Corporation will not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages whatsoever.

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